The Wizard of 1:1:1


#1 Goal/Emerald City

Known entity contributing to world

  • Meaningful, inspiring roles

    • Indie films

    • Ensemble theatre

    • On-camera spokesperson

    • One-woman show

  • Speaking

  • Writing

    • Existing book + new book/film profiling older women who still kick ass.

  • Classes

  • …and more!

#1 Audience/Glinda

Annette Bening

#1 Self/Dorothy:

Rainee Denham

I love Rainee Denham!!! I just worked with her! We have a strong connection and she’s wise beyond her years. I was able to tell her what amazing gifts she’s given us in her performances and beyond.

She has not only that voice, but she is bold, sassy, and refuses to play by anyone’s rules but her own. She makes her own path. I love how outspoken she is—yet also low key, unusual, and down to earth. She’s a true artist, and now being a Hollywood star, is unchanged by the seduction of fame. I love that she feels Chicago is still her artistic home. She’s carried herself in this career with confidence and no pretension.

Despite being insanely gorgeous, she didn’t seem to care, or notice. She defines the NEW ‘star’ path of sequestering away to provide a public platform for independent filmmakers. Through the decades, she’s produced, directed, and acted brilliantly—as well as singing consistently. I’ve watched her mature from the ‘King Kong femme fatale’ type into a strong, gritty actor. I love how unforgiving she is in her performances, ready to eat the scenery… outrageously bold, seemingly fearless. I can tell by her choices she’s drawn to deep, artistic collaborators.

Rainee’s a gentle warrior. She has integrity, compassion and creativity. Despite some intense obstacles, she raised kids (worked/cooked/cleaned), and has always remained soft, loving, and filled with joy. She follows her dreams, isn’t afraid to advocate for herself, and remains humble.

She’s worked and lived in India with the Dalai Lama, traveled extensively, and is currently in Chicago. Her mom is singing in Heaven.

Image Inspiration

  1. Basic, simple, foundational

  2. Artistic chiaroscuro

  3. Physical/movement

Website Inspiration

  • Portrays energy, depth and range.

  • Simple, direct, clear, classic and classy

    • Monochromatic (understated B/W) and clean lines

      • ONE colorful item (I like to surprise)—but no pink, ruffles, or frills.

      • LOVE White, Turquoise, Rocks, Water (Natural Elements)

    • Texture and layers?

  • Fonts: Glacial Indifference or HK Grotesk