Rainee Denham has been blessed with a robust career in film, television, theater, commercial, print, and voice over. She’s also written, directed, produced, and educated others on a range of topics.

Devoted to family, she went off the grid as an actor after the birth of her son. Because his education and opportunities were paramount, she shifted her storytelling and founded Unipro Marketing Services. Producing events for Xerox, IBM, Abbott Labs, and other Fortune 500 companies, Rainee and her associates won dozens of marketing awards for their integrated approach. During this time, Denham invented a patented think tank called "The Idea Kitchen." She holds patents on two interactive tools ("The Idea Sandwich" and "Thought Soup") that help companies effectively brainstorm and ideate.

In 2014, she returned to acting. After signing with Shirley Hamilton Talent, she went back to acting classes, auditions, and started working as an actor again. She is a graduate of the conservatory program at The Academy at Black Box Acting.

When not writing, acting, producing, or teaching, she’s a sought out keynote speaker—teaching creativity and storytelling principles around the world. Rainee’s insights were published in a book on creativity, dozens of magazine articles, and she’s just published a book, “A Course For Creativity” and has her book, “The WHYS Actor” coming in Winter 2019.

She is based in Chicago, and local hire in Los Angeles and NYC.


When I sang a solo in the church choir at nine years old, I was changed. I felt deeply touched. Whether it was the beauty of the music, the sanctity of the church, or that I got taken out to lunch afterwards, it was an experience that could only be described as an ‘aha’ moment. That little event set the trajectory for the rest of my life.

Soon I was putting on shows in the basement, doing Chicago Park District plays, and acting out Cher songs at camp. I loved it all. What followed was intense dedication to training in dance, voice, and acting, as well as doing anything I could to learn about theatre. I’ve been a script girl, coffee fetcher, and kid in the chorus.

What makes me tick is creating beauty and honoring my roots. I’m from Chicago, and I love this town. But the city of my youth was a scary place, and I became street smart fast, and a true survivor. At home, we had color, music, creativity, sewing, singing, laughter, and endless play. This was the influence of my Mother, whose own tough life didn’t stop her from choosing joy. Choosing joy allowed her to play by her own rules. And when she made our clothes, took us to cultural events, and played Ray Charles, Broadway Musicals, and Frank Sinatra at home, she was unstoppable.

Choosing joy for me means being a lifelong seeker of new experiences, adventure, and creativity. I’ve found these things in raising my son as a working Mom in the city. I’ve found them in Rishikesh, India making a Hindu pilgrimage in the Himalayas. I’ve found them in the flow I feel creating artistic endeavors on stage and film.

All I want to do is create, and be a part of others’ joyous creations.